Brand Focus: Stighlorgan Fuses Irish Practicality With Cosmopolitan Cool

The Irish have long been known for their charm, creativity and good craic. Founders of Stighlorgan (pronounced still*or*gun) decided it was also time to be recognised for the raw style and honest fashion aesthetic that can be seen on the streets of modern Ireland, from Dublin City to Bantry Bay.

Oozing an understated cool, their unique design concept sits somewhere between American utility and European minimalism – a mix that reflects their well-travelled Irish roots and offers a fantastically rich pool of inspiration to draw from.

new horizons

Aside from looks, Stighlorgan acknowledges that bags take a regular beating – whether they’ve been over-packed, left on the floor or hauled over a shoulder without a flicker of concern. So, they put emphasis on materials that will brave the elements and offer practical, modern solutions to a generation that’s become accustomed to doing it all.


Kavan Tote

Kavan Cotton Canvas Leather-trim Tote Bag

With a store in the heart of the urban jungle that is East London – where the climate is not too dissimilar to the Emerald Isle – rainproof, heavy-duty tarpaulin exteriors and leather trimmings are hallmarks across Stighlorgan’s minimalist backpacks and totes.


Ronan Backpack

Ronan Leather-trim Roll-top Backpack

Side-access laptop compartments protect your tech whilst trendy roll-tops, silver hardware and striped canvas linings add fresh accents. Their worldwide following of new generation mods and urban fashionistas will appreciate both the convenience and the cool factor.

Stighlorgan Backpacks

Conn Tarpaulin-trim Buckled Backpack – Reilly Leather-trim Roll-top Backpack – Ronan Leather-trim Roll-top Backpack


Still, promising not to lose sight of their heritage in the haze of the Big Smoke, the team channels old Ireland into all things Stighlorgan; from including the Gaelic silent ‘g’ in their name to featuring their signature twist-rope handle on all core products. It’s these elements that keep the brand reminiscent of its nomadic past, while always looking forward to a very bright future.

Stighlorgan 3

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